Rolex Sky-Dweller: 12 Fascinating Things to Know Before Buying One

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As a man who adores taking to the skies and launching new business conquests in foreign lands, few watches call my name like the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

However, the watch remains an inherently underrated model amongst newcomers to Rolex, despite its role in representing some of the most complex craftsmanship the brand has to offer.

But for those in the know, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is as innovative as aviation itself, and this guide to fifteen iconic facts about the watch will tell you why.

Now, it’s time to take to the skies!

The Sky-Dweller is One of the Newest Rolexs Around

Screenshot from @JenniElle on Youtube.

While some watch brands flood the market with new models every year, Rolex isn’t one of them.

From the Oyster Perpetual and Submariner to the Rolex Datejust, this is a brand that heavily relies on refining and bettering its iconic classics in terms of aesthetics and performance rather than forgetting them and unveiling new models.

This made the Sky-Dweller somewhat of an anomaly for Rolex when it was released for the first time in 2012 and marketed toward international travelers. However, it took years to perfect the design.

The Watch is Protected by 11 to 14 Patents

The next fact depends on the model of the Sky-Dweller, but generally, the watch is safeguarded by between 11 to 14 patents.

Characteristic of the Rolex brand, no expense was spared when it came to the development of the watch, and the overall research and development lasted for years. And for good reason, which I’ll get to next.

The Watch Boasts One of Rolex’s Most Complicated Movements

Most watch enthusiasts place a high emphasis on how complicated a watch’s movement is, and the Rolex Sky-Dweller has one of the brand’s most intricate movements on par with the Yacht-Master II.

Amongst its numerous advanced features, the elegant Rolex Sky-Dweller is able to display the display of minutes, seconds, hours, dates, and months.

Sky-Dwellers also come with a Saros annual calendar and a dual-time zone function that allows you to view two time zones simultaneously.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Boasts an Excellent power reserve

A reliable power reserve is vital for a sky-dwelling entrepreneur, so this Rolex watch is able to provide accurate timekeeping for three days once it’s been fully wound.

It’s all looking pretty impressive so far, right? By now, you’re no doubt wondering why the Rolex Sky-Dweller has become so underrated. The next section will shed some light on it!

Initially, The Watch Was Only Available in Precious Metals Like Rose and White Gold

Upon release, the first five years of production saw the watch being produced solely in precious metals such as rose, yellow, and white gold.

My personal favorite is the oystersteel and white gold combination, the features of which just look divine on display on the wrist.

However, this exclusive precious metal production led to a high retail price and resigned the watch to a rather exclusive customer base who were about to afford it.

This pulled away mainstream ownership of the watch and led to it being a very understated watch indeed. At least until 2017, when the first stainless steel variant hit the market.

The Three Initial Sky-Dweller Models Were Unveiled at Baselworld in 2012

Rolex unveiled the three initial Sky-Dweller models at the world-renowned Baselworld in 2012. These were:

  • The yellow gold Sky-Dweller with a yellow gold Oyster bracelet.
  • The white gold Sky-Dweller with a white gold Oyster bracelet.
  • The Everose gold Sky-Dweller with a brown leather strap.

2017 Saw The Stainless Steel Sky-Dwellers Hit The Market

The initial few years saw the Sky-Dweller far too expensive for the general market, but the 2017 introduction of the stainless steel variant saw the prices of the model slashed in half.

With the entry point dramatically reduced, an increasing number of people began to invest in the Sky-Dweller, and the model began to get the widespread respect it was owed.

There’s More to its Fluted Bezel Than Meets The Eye

When people first see the fluted bezel of the watch, it’s easy to assume it’s merely decorative, but the reality is far different.

This is a Ring Command bezel that, when rotated, allows you to adjust the various functions of the timepiece via the winding crown.

60 separate components have gone into this technology, and each position the ring command bezel is placed in around the circumference of the dial can adjust the date, two different time zones, or reference time.

By Air or By Sea, This Watch Has Your Back

The Oyster bracelet of the watch reveals that the Sky-Dweller is part of the Oyster range, which means it comes equipped with a water resistance of 100 meters.

But don’t mistake this timepiece for a dive watch, however, because this level of water resistance only covers things like showering or general swimming.

The Watch is Made up of 380 components

From being able to provide a second-time zone to its ring command system, the notable features of this watch require a lot of moving parts.

From start to finish, the entire development and manufacture of the watch is handled exclusively by Rolex. It’s also certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.

Its Annual Calendar Complication is Very Low Maintenance

One of the most underrated features of the Sky-Dweller is its annual calendar complication which only requires the wearer to adjust it once a year.

After adjustment, the Sky-Dweller will automatically adjust itself to the correct date, provided that it has the power to keep running.

This is a high-end and exceptionally advanced feature of the timepiece, as the movement needs to know the duration of each month in the year and what order they come in.

A Light in the Darkness

The hour markers and dial colors come with a luminous coating that allows the 24-hour disc to glow in all light environments, meaning the wearer has access to the local time and date wherever they may be.

The Big Question; Are Rolex Sky-Dwellers Hard to Find?

This Rolex Sky-Dweller may have been underrated in the past, but things are changing fast. The luxury sidekick of global travelers has become an increasingly sought-after piece.

Where Can You Buy One?

Whether you’re seeking the oystersteel and white gold version, the white rolesor version, or the iconic rose gold model with the jubilee bracelet and white dial, we recommend exploring the ever-growing Rolex range at Bob’s Watches for your chance to pick one up affordably.


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