6 Stunning Longines Watches That Don’t Break The Bank 

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Longines are a watch company that need precious little introduction. With a pedigree that stretches back almost 200 years, the Swiss watchmaker has managed to distinguish itself despite strong competition from fellow Swiss luxury watch companies Rolex and Breitling. 

As with those companies, however, Longines are not exactly known for their budget price tags. Longines makes luxury watches, and so it’s extremely difficult to find a Longines watch that doesn’t have a price tag to match its high quality. 

Difficult – but not impossible. There are a number of Longines watches that can be bought at a very reasonable price, with many coming in at under $2000.

It’s these watches that we’ll be looking at over the course of this article, with a detailed look not only at their price, but at whether or not the famous Longines quality holds up despite the low price tag. 

Let’s take a look, then, at the 6 best Longines watches that won’t break the bank. 

Longines Master Automatic Chronograph 

This watch sports the ‘classic’ Longines look, the look that everyone thinks of whenever they hear the name of this prestigious Swiss company.

The case is sized at 38.55mm and is fashioned of stainless steel, while the dials have a beautifully-textured barleycorn finish, which further reinforces this timepiece’s classic esthetic. 

The blue-steel hands make for a striking contrast against the dial, ensuring that they really pop and provide a dash of color against the muted silver of the dial. 

All of this is powered by a Longines Caliber L651 movement – a finely-engineered piece that will keep your watch ticking through thick and thin.

The movement itself can be viewed through the sapphire rear of the casing, though some will appreciate the overt display of the watch’s inner workings more than others. 

The Longines Master Automatic Chronograph isn’t quite as cheap as some of the other options here – it retails for around $2700 – but many can attest to its excellent quality. 

Longines Hydroconquest 

With water resistance up to a staggering 300 meters, the Longines Hydroconquest is not being hyperbolic with its name – it really is that good. 

Two of the watch’s three subdials sport red hands to ensure that they stand out even in murky conditions, and luminous hands and numerals ensure that no matter how deep down (or how poor visibility is), you’ll be able to rely upon your Longines for timing. 

A sapphire crystal face, lateral crown protection and screw-down case back ensure that the watch and its movement are well protected against the elements, meaning that you can be assured of the Hydroconquest’s performance all the way down to 300 meters.

This is topped off with a unidirectional bezel (much safer when it comes to diving than a bi-directional one) and a double-locked folding clasp, meaning that the watch will stay on your wrist no matter what. 

The Hydroconquest costs around $2300 brand new. 

Longines Conquest 24 Hours 

The Conquest combines a playful and adventurous spirit with the classiness that exemplifies the Longines brand. It’s designed for both outdoor pursuits as well as formal occasions, and will impress in one just as much as the other. 

The Conquest boasts crystal-clear dial faces, and the 41mm case strikes a nice balance between chunkier sports models and more discreet dress timepieces, making it versatile and just as suited to one situation as the other. 

The crystal has been treated with an anti-reflective coating, ensuring you won’t have to deal with sun glare, and it’s waterproof to 50 meters, making it the perfect watch for casual dives. 

All in all, the Conquest is an extremely impressive watch that comes in at well under $2000 – even less if you’re willing to entertain a preowned model. 

Longines Heritage 1973 

The 1973 is as well-named as the Hydroconquest – it sports a trendy retro esthetic that makes it great for men who prefer a little more of a classic look, while not skimping on practical features. 

The watch is so-called because it seeks to recreate a Longines watch that they originally produced in – you guessed it – 1973. It’s a timeless design, which is why it still works so well in 2023. Anyone with a 1973 on their watch is guaranteed to exude elegance and sophistication. 

The column-wheeled chronograph is the meat and potatoes of this luxury timepiece. The column wheel is responsible for controlling the start/stop and reset functions of the 1973, and as with the Master Automatic, it’s visible through the case back. 

The 1973 is priced pretty competitively, with new models going for around $3275. 

Longines Avigation Oversize Crown 

The Avigation Oversize Crown’s unique look is a polarizing one, with some strongly disliking its signature chunky look. It has just as many proponents as detractors, however, and it’s a fine piece of horological engineering that many are proud to wear on their wrists. 

The Avigation’s design is based on a 1920s model largely used by the pioneering aviators of that time. With white numerals against a jet-black dial and chunky, pendulous hands, it’s an extremely legible watch perfect for those who can spare no more than a quick glance at their timepiece. 

The movement – a column-wheel chronograph that’s mono-push – is an exceedingly rare one, particularly in a watch of this price, which makes the watch itself incredible value for money. The crown acts a push-piece itself, controlling the start and stop functions of the Avigation. 

As noted, this watch is incredibly good value for money, though it is still relatively expensive compared to the others on this list; it comes in at around $3500. 

Longines Flagship Heritage 

Combining historical horological techniques with the classical esthetic that makes Longines watches what they are, the Flagship is not only a supremely stylish watch; it’s also eminently affordable. 

The Flagship has a 38.5mm case fashioned of stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant glare-proof sapphire crystal for incredible durability. It also has a screw-down case back, which assists it in achieving water resistance of three bar and makes it perfect for casual dives. 

It’s also a great dress watch, with a stylish and unobtrusive profile that is simply not possible with a chunkier sports watch. 

And the best thing about it? Its low price of $1900. At that sort of cost, you almost can’t afford not to have a Flagship on your wrist. 

From Dressy to Sporty or Inbetween, Longines Watches Have You Covered

Though this is far from an exhaustive list of all Longines watches, we do hope that it’s helped to highlight the very best of their budget options – and helped you to pick out the perfect watch for you, whether you’re looking for something dressy, something sporty, or both.


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