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Donovan Halloway

I’m Donovan, a self-made entrepreneur, avid traveler, and motivational speaker. I founded to showcase my own growing collection of wealth toys that I had aspired to own since I was a child. To me, each one represented another achievement in my journey toward financial freedom and another stepping stone in encouraging others to follow my path and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.


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Wealth Toys

Across, you can find everything from cutting-edge insights into some of the world’s most iconic watches, wealth tips, and knowledge, an unrivaled experience in the private jet and yacht charting industries, and much more.

Through my site, you’ll see the world of wealth and accessories in an entirely different light and, most importantly, understand that all of it isn’t as far from your grasp as you may have originally thought.

Covering all areas

Wondering where to begin? Allow me to help! Below you can find our three most popular categories to prepare your journey through the site for takeoff.

Luxury Watches

A watch is a symbol of how much one values the importance of timekeeping, and great watches have been worn by some of history’s greatest figures for centuries. My watch guides take you through the upper echelons of timepieces around the world and shed an entirely different light on watches that have become a symbol of wealth and success.


Travel is something you can buy that only serves to make you richer, and this is something I take full advantage of. I’ve traversed the world from economy and business class to private jet charters and hired helicopters. In my much-loved Skykings section, I teach you the side of wealthy travel that few people ever see and act as your navigator throughout.

Wealth Blog

I’m a self-made entrepreneur, but ensuring others get the right advice in their journey toward building wealth is equally rewarding. From life lessons learned from rubbing shoulders with billionaires to the innovative methods young entrepreneurs are utilizing in the online world, my wealth blog can teach you the life skills necessary to afford the wealth toys covered.