Kings Valley Hotel & Spa, Bulgaria: A Royal Review?

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Bulgaria may be the land of roses – the area where this 5-star luxury hotel is nestled, but it’s also a land of untapped luxurious tourism. 

People tend to think of Bulgaria as a cheap place to go on a drinking beach holiday with your mates in resorts like Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. 

While this is possible, many don’t realize that Bulgaria offers many perspectives for those looking to indulge in a classy and luxurious stay in the heart of the mountains or the coast.

It’s a country of breathtaking nature, centuries-old attractions, undying traditions, delicious food, and unique culture, perfect for a relaxing holiday. 

”My tip is to book a half-board stay. You’ll get the most value for your money and enjoy a stress-free, quality food experience.”

Recently, it’s become more popular with its high-grade ski resorts, while the numerous hot springs scattered around the country give you an unforgettable spa experience. 

So, if you’re looking for a place to go on a romantic spa weekend or a relaxing family vacation, you should consider visiting a thermal hotel in Bulgaria. 

One such hotel is the Kings’ Valley Medical & Spa Hotel, which is located in the heart of the Rose Valley, surrounded on all sides by the fascinating Balkan mountains.

The following review will cover the overall comfort, facilities, food, and service and will show whether the hotel truly made me feel like a Thracian king, as the slogan promised. 

How Was the Booking and Checking-In Process?

I usually book hotels on the designated platforms for this, but this time, I was impressed by the sleek look of the hotel’s official website and booked directly through there.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that booking through the official site gives you a 10% discount and other seasonal offers you can use. 

I also liked that each room type comes with various pictures and detailed descriptions of the amenities. This minimizes any negative surprises upon arrival. 

One thing I found a little inconvenient was that the earliest check-in time was 15:00h, which is generally quite late if you intend to unpack and use the spa on this day. 

We also had to wait in a queue for a while as only three check-in desks were working, which seemed insufficient for the hotel’s overall capacity. 

Aside from that, the process was smooth, and the receptionist gave us clear information on the breakfast times, facilities, and the room we had booked. 

How Was the Room and Amenities?

Upon arriving in the room, we were greeted by a stunning mountain view. Due to the hotel’s unique location, all rooms had a mountain view, which is a big plus. 

Our room, in particular, also had a well-sized balcony with a table and two chairs to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or evening drink while looking out at the mountain.

The room itself was very spacious and had a king-sized bed, which was so big that it could fit not two but four people. The mattress was on the stiff side but was very comfortable.

If you prefer soft mattresses, you can always go to the reception and request a top mattress for free. I found this to be excellent service and attention to detail.

The bathroom was also spacious and had a big shower, a large mirror, a lot of space for cosmetics, an extra make-up mirror, a toilet, and a bidet.

Each room also had a coffee machine, kettle, and a selection of high-grade teas. Moreover, it also had a very rich mini-bar, including drinks like Beluga vodka

The AC was also very easy to use, and you could tailor it to the temperature you wanted, which, from my personal experience, is a rare occurrence in hotels. 

How Were the Pool and Spa Facilities?

As you can tell by the hotel’s name, its marketing is centered around its spa facilities, so I explored them first after checking in. 

The hotel’s pool zone consisted of 6 pools and three hot tubs. There were a sufficient number of beds, plus two snack and drink bars—one outdoor for the summer and one indoor. 

There were three indoor pools – one semi-Olympic for swimming, one designated for small children, and one for relaxing. 

Outside was one thermal pool that worked throughout the year and two seasonal ones that only functioned in the summertime. 

Overall, I was impressed by the pool area. There was a lot of space for people to scatter around and designated places for everyone’s interests. 

The design was also top-notch, with stylish and comfortable beds, various plants throughout, and Roman statues adding to the overall spa experience. 

The pool zone separated the thermal zone via a separate hallway, which made it fully noise-isolated. There was also a sign that kids under 16 couldn’t enter. 

This was great since a spa experience is linked to peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Screaming children, however, can damage that experience, which happens in many hotels. 

The spa facilities included a Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, tepidarium, cold room, salt room, hammam, and showers, including a cold water bucket.

There were also two relaxation zones where you could read a book, lie in silence, and stare at the mountains through the high windows. 

What grabbed my attention the most was the cold room, which had its own ice generator, which was perfect after an intense sauna session. 

The hotel also had a separate area where you could book various medical or relaxation massages and therapies, and it included another therapeutic pool.

I had no complaints about the hotel’s pool, spa, and medical zone. Everything had a very stylish design, was practical, and was great to use. 

What Was the Food Like at the Hotel’s Restaurants?

The hotel has three main restaurants: Trakia, a Buffet restaurant, Alba, an A La Carte restaurant, and Sofra, a traditional restaurant offering Bulgarian cuisine dishes. 

During our short stay, we tried Trakia and Sofra. Sadly, we lacked the time to try Alba since we had a tightly packed plan. 

The breakfast buffet at the Trakia restaurant was terrific. There was a rich choice of different types of foods, and everything I tried was of excellent quality. 

It’s currently one of the best breakfast buffets I’ve ever had, and I’ve stayed in countless 5-star worldwide, which says a lot. 

The restaurant also offers a lunch and dinner buffet. While we didn’t try them, we did take a little sneak peek, and there were quite a few tasty-looking dishes. 

My tip is to book a half-board stay. You’ll get the most value for your money and enjoy a stress-free, quality food experience.

The other restaurant we tried was Sofra. We had lunch there on one of the days and dinner on the other. 

While the restaurant is slightly overpriced by Bulgarian standards, you get the comfort of receiving a quality food experience without having to drive to the city of Kazanlak.

Both times, the food we ordered was delicious and well-cooked. The cooks used dairy and high-quality meat from local farms. The service was on point as well. 

My only complaint is that the meal presentation needs work. It was mediocre for the price and could certainly be improved. 

How Would I Rate the Overall Service at Kings Valley Hotel?

The service we receive is the make or break at any place, regardless of whether we’re talking about a hotel, restaurant, hairstyling salon, or another business. 

I’ve had multiple occasions where I enjoyed the facilities of a particular hotel but found the service so appalling that I would never go back there again. 

After reading a few negative reviews about it online, I was eager to determine whether these were isolated occurrences. 

Throughout the weekend we spent there, the staff treated us with respect and a friendly and helpful attitude.

On one of the days, I had a birthday, and the hotel staff took matters into their own hands to make my day even more special. 

After returning from a hike to the legendary Buzludzha monument nearby, I was surprised by a Happy Birthday note, a bottle of wine with two glasses, and a selection of fine chocolates. 

My partner hadn’t informed them about my birthday or requested the surprise, so they had to take the time to note every single guest’s birthday and surprise them. 

I have to admit that this service alone shows the hotel’s efforts to make each guest feel valued and respected, and it’s what every 5-star hotel should be doing. 

Would I Recommend This Bulgarian Spa Hotel to Fellow Travellers?

I have one regret: I didn’t stay longer. I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel and will definitely be back. 

It isn’t cheap, but we shouldn’t forget that we get what we pay for. The price-quality ratio was on point in this case, so the money was worth it. 

Everyone looking for a relaxing spa getaway in the heart of the mountains will not regret coming to Kings’ Valley Medical & Spa Hotel. 

If you want to make the most of your experience, come during the Rose Festival in the Kazanlak region—a vibrant festival that attracts people from all over the world.

The hotel has a special offer along with other seasonal offers you can take advantage of if you visit their official website.


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