Private Jets For Sale: The Top 5 Websites to Find Them

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Private jets are, many would say, the only way to fly. However, they’re not the most common way to fly (one of the things that makes them so desirable), and so tracking down private jets for sale can be rather hard.

They’re also – it almost goes without saying – on the expensive side, with many opting to rent or charter private jets rather than own them and deal with everything ownership entails. 

But let’s say you’re not one of those people. You’ve got the financial means and the desire to own your very own private jet. There’s just one problem—where do you actually buy a private jet from

There are no small number of websites that offer private jets for sale – it’s just a matter of finding them and figuring out whether they’re trustworthy.

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you on both counts and compiled a list of the best websites offering private jets for sale. Let’s take a look, then, at the five best websites for buying private jets. is a newer website in terms of private-jet sales, but it’s quickly established its bona fides with a fantastic fleet of aircraft for charter and sale. 

You’re not here for the charters, of course, which is why you’ll be happy to know that Wheelsup offers a good selection of refurbished private jets for sale. They count a number of midsize- and large-cabin craft among their inventory, each with its specs listed in full on the Wheelsup website. 

No prices are listed, and you’ll need to contact Wheelsup directly to discuss that, but when you’re dealing with such expensive hardware, that’s de rigeur—you can hardly expect a Bombardier Lear 60XR to have its price listed like this is an eBay bidding war. 

Net Jets 

Net Jets is one of the oldest and best-respected private jet websites on the internet. They have a huge fleet, a massive roster of best-in-class pilots, and the connections needed for smooth and easy flights around the globe. 

It’s worth pointing out that Net Jets doesn’t offer outright ownership of jets on their website, however. They instead engage in ‘fractional ownership’, where you pay a portion of the cost of the jet in exchange for use of their maintenance facilities, pilots and international connections. 

While this may sound a little like a timeshare for private jets, Net Jets makes some very compelling arguments as to why this is the best option for their customers. If you’re dead-set on owning your own private jet outright, however, you may be better off looking elsewhere.  

James Edition 

JamesEdition is one of the premier websites for private jets that you can find. They have a large number of aircraft listed for sale on their jet page, complete with all the relevant specs and aircraft history.

Each private jet listed for sale on James Edition also has a large gallery of images that you can check out before proceeding further with a purchase. 

The selection isn’t the largest around, but we’re dealing with a very exclusive product – expect to see roughly 20-30 jets on sale at any given time. And again, as is fairly standard for the industry, prices are not listed directly but are given on request. 

Lastly, JamesEdition is not a direct seller but rather an agent that acts on behalf of third-party sellers. All sellers are vetted and have a rating in their profile, meaning that you can rest assured that you’re dealing with reputable people. In addition, members can call these vendors directly with any queries they might have. 


JetLinx is a well-established private jet rent and charter company with a large customer base who regularly charter their private jet fleet. It has an impressive fleet of aircraft available for direct sale. 

They’ve been in the business since 1999, which means that they have a lot of experience and have built a reputation as one of the best in the business. They offer a highly personalized service that ensures that all of their customers walk away satisfied with their purchase. 

The selection of jets on sale (as opposed to available for charter) is currently relatively small, with only around 10 aircraft listed. This is because charters are far more popular than outright buying a jet, and so the pool of available aircraft for purchase is relatively small. 

If you choose one for purchase, however, you can also take advantage of the facilities and services Jetlinx offers to help you maintain your plane after purchase. 

AV Buyer 

Possibly the finest private jet vendor on the web, AV Buyer has been on the scene since 1998, meaning it has even more of a pedigree than JetLinx. They know the business of private jet sales inside and out. 

This experience, along with their extensive industry connections, means that they have one of the largest selections of private jets for sale you’ll find. At the time of writing, they had almost 500 for sale on their website, easily outstripping the competition by several orders of magnitude. 

Several of their jets have the prices listed directly, meaning that you’ll quickly have an idea of how much you’ll need to pay. They also offer finance for buyers who’d like to pay in installments. Other aircraft, however, do not have prices listed, and direct inquiries will be necessary. 

As with JamesEdition, AV Buyer largely acts as an intermediary for private sellers. Unfortunately, their seller profiles are not quite as in-depth as James Edition’s, and no rating is listed publicly or privately, so it’s very much a case of caveat emptor.

However, when it comes to the sheer breadth of their available fleet for sale, you can’t beat AV Buyer. 

Yep, It’s Not Hard to Find Private Jets for Sale

Though this is not a conclusive list of every single private jet vendor out there, we believe it represents the very best ones. Whether you’re looking for fractional ownership of a private jet or outright ownership, there’s an option for you on this list. 

With the heavy lifting of finding the websites you need out of the way, it’s now just a case of finding the right jet for you! And, of course, any private jet experience would be incomplete without some of the world’s most luxury travel accessories.


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